Pastor David & Lady Angel Goins

In July of 2011, David W. Goins Jr. assumed the pulpit as Senior Pastor of Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church and emphatically declared, "God is going to do a new thing".  Since then, through his vision, we have birthed multiple ministries and Evergreen has experienced tremendous growth.....not only numerically but more importantly spiritually.

Pastor Goins is the husband of Lady Angel Goins and they have been married for 15 years.  They are the proud parents of three boys; Dallas, Dion and Dylan.  Together they have a passion for people that the world has given up on.  Their humble beginnings created the compassion they have in their hearts for the left out, locked out and the looked over.  They are also known as the "Dynamic Duo"; as Lady Angel helps lead the people in worship through song and Pastor Goins preaches and teaches with clarity and conviction.



In a world of talkers, Pastor Goins is a doer and a thinker.  He is committed to the Kingdom of God and his humility and passion shows as he ministers to the people of God.  Pastor Goins is a firm believer that the church should exercise dominion and walk in the authority that God has given us.  He has a love for God and a heart for God's people.  If you're ever looking for him....he can be found in the trenches, battling and fighting for the people of God.  He has been quoted on many occasions saying, "we're breaking all the rules".....endeavoring to focus on relationship and not religion.  His preaching is real, raw and relevant.

If you are looking for a church that is committed to the Kingdom....a church full of love.....a church where you won't be judged......and shepherds that love the sheep.....look no further.  Make your way to the New Evergreen

-Jeremiah 3:15